San Mateo / Foster City Mail-in Ballot Coming for Measure Y

$7,000,000 in current local school funding will be lost if an existing parcel tax is not renewed!! Please be sure to submit your mail-in ballot when you receive it!

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SMFCSD Board Votes to put Measure A Renewal on the Ballot

Here is the announcement from the San Mateo Foster City School District regarding their Board action last night (11/17/16).

It is essential that this measure pass so that the school system maintains its current funding levels.

This measure will NOT, however, lead to the kind of teacher salary increase that I am currently lobbying for, but it will at least prevent cuts that would make a bad cost-of-living situation for teachers even worse.

I have had important exchanges this week with the Superintendent and teachers in the district regarding increasing teacher salaries and will be posting news as soon as I get final approval of the text.

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