After a decade of tutoring, David Kristofferson, owner of Kristofferson Tutoring, retired at the end of the 2021-2022 school year and is no longer tutoring students.

However, he will still be involved in local education issues and will continue writing articles for the Eduissues blog.

Parents who have questions about local schools and education issues may contact him using the Contact page on this blog.

Kristofferson Tutoring Mission Statement: Why I Left Start-ups and Returned to Teaching

After tutoring for several years and repeatedly running into the same student educational deficiencies, I began writing a series of articles for my neighbors on Nextdoor in early 2016 that later grew into this Eduissues blog.

This Nextdoor series resulted initially from a local math curriculum problem but went on to address major issues facing our education system.  Please feel free to email the URLs to these articles to other interested people.  The articles may be redistributed as long as the copyright statement is not removed.​

Finally, the following web link contains links to the original Nextdoor discussions that resulted from the articles listed above.  These links are listed in chronological order and will only work for readers who have local Nextdoor accounts on the SF peninsula:

Nextdoor URL links

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