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Issues in Teaching Mathematics     

  1. Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series
  2. IMPORTANT – Borel Middle School PTA meeting tonight, 9/18/17, at 7 on CPM math


AP Class Crisis

  1. It’s AP ex(sc)am time again!
  2. Important advice for students and parents regarding Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  3. A Hole in the Aragon Math Curriculum
  4. very unfortunate local test practice that I think is hurting students.
  5. How to Interest Kids in Science, Engineering, and Math.
  6. Confirmation from UC Berkeley on problems with AP classes


Teacher Salaries

  1. SMFCSD Budget and Measure Y Postmortem
  2. Large Turnover on SMFCSD Board in Face of Looming Cutbacks!!
  3. Financial Troubles in the SMFCSD


College Admissions

  1. How to get in to Harvard
  2. SAT Test Prep Recommendations


Education News

  1. Lawmakers try to ease California’s teacher shortage
  2. Back to School – Changes at Aragon HS
  3. Yet Another Case of Education Privatization Leading to Fraud
  4. A Critical Read for all of those Interested in Education
  5. “Strange Contagion” by Lee Daniel Kravetz


Measure Y

  1. No Last Minute Miracle for Measure Y
  2. Measure Y revenues will NOT be replaced by the state if the measure fails to pass!
  3. San Mateo / Foster City Mail-in Ballot Coming for Measure Y


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IMPORTANT – Borel Middle School PTA meeting tonight, 9/18/17, at 7 on CPM math

Hilary Coral brought to our (i.e., Nextdoor readers) attention yesterday that there will be a presentation on the CPM math series tonight at 7 PM at the Borel Middle School PTA meeting in the Borel school library. Thanks, Hilary!

I have tutoring appointments at that time and very unfortunately can not attend, but I hope that parents will read my article about this series ahead of time and show up.

Presentations will be given by the math department chairperson, Staci Stoveland, and Carolyn Orta. The detailed agenda is at


Lawmakers try to ease California’s teacher shortage

Interesting article from CALmatters, an AP-like non-partisan news organization focussed on California issues.  I highly recommend that people follow this organization’s website.


Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series

Teachers tend to love the CPM math series, currently in use in many SMFCSD and SMUHSD classes, while parents have the opposite opinion. Why??

Continue reading “Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series”

A Critical Read for all of those Interested in Education

I am reposting the following from Diane Ravitch’s blog.  With a major debate going on in the US over public versus charter schools given the new Secretary of Education, the PBS documentary and this critique are important contributions on opposing sides of the debate.  The documentary is very entertaining, but many will find it misleading; the points made by Ravitch and Burris in the article below are far more compelling, but not a slick, well-financed sales job, and so will unfortunately be less noticed.  Please take the time to read it in its entirety!

You might also be interested in the documentary “Backpack Full of Cash” that she mentions at https://dianeravitch.net/2017/07/18/do-you-want-to-host-a-community-screening-of-backpack-full-of-cash/.

Diane Ravitch was a former Assistant Secretary of Education under George W. Bush, initially involved in promoting the No Child Left Behind initiative.  She did a 180 turnabout when she saw the effects of the program and the impact of standardized testing.  She is a professor of education history at New York University and author of several books on the American education system such as The Death and Life of the Great American School System and The Reign of Error.

—  David Kristofferson

Between April and June of this year, PBS distributed a three-hour documentary called “Schools Inc.” to its member stations. I was invited to comment on the program by WNET, the PBS station in New York City. It was a 10-minute interview, and not nearly enough time to respond to all the issues covered in a […]

via Diane Ravitch and Carol Burris: A Critical Review of the PBS Special “Schools, Inc.” — Diane Ravitch’s blog