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Education News

  1. Why U.S. Schools Should Not Be Like Shanghai!
  2. Before You Vote on Upcoming School Ballot Measures, Please Read This!
  3. “Mutual Assured Destruction”
  4. My Speech to the SMUHSD Board on NGSS


Issues in Teaching Mathematics     

  1. Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series
  2. Why is 10^0 = 1 ???
  3. Why Can’t We Teach Mathematics Properly?
  4. Here We Go Again….


AP Class Crisis

  1. “Mutual Assured Destruction”
  2. Attention SMUHSD Parents! State Mandated Testing Negatively Impacts Aragon’s Physics Program
  3. Taking the Fight to Harvard
  4. It’s AP ex(sc)am time again!
  5. Critical Warnings re AP Classes
  6. A Hole in the Aragon Math Curriculum
  7. very unfortunate local test practice that I think is hurting students.
  8. How to Interest Kids in Science, Engineering, and Math.
  9. Confirmation from UC Berkeley on problems with AP classes


Teacher Salaries

  1. Before You Vote on Upcoming School Ballot Measures, Please Read This!
  2. IMPORTANT – SMFCSD Seeks Community Input on School Finances
  3. “I’ve Ended Many School Days Crying in My Car”
  4. SMFCSD Settles Contract Dispute with Teachers, But What Comes Next???
  5. SM Daily Journal: Battle over teacher pay gets worse


College Admissions

  1. How to get in to Harvard
  2. SAT Test Prep Recommendations


Top Ten Most Read Articles

  1. Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series
  2. It’s AP ex(sc)am time again!
  3. Critical Warnings re AP Classes
  4. “Educators laud test success” – Give me a break!!!!
  5. Back to School – Changes at Aragon HS
  6. Info from UC Berkeley confirms why students should not skip from Precalculus to Calculus BC
  7. “I’ve Ended Many School Days Crying in My Car”
  8. How to Get in to Harvard
  9. A Hole in the Aragon Math Curriculum
  10. No Last Minute Miracle for Measure Y 🙁

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Before You Vote on Upcoming School Ballot Measures, Please Read This!

Linda Darling-Hammond, a Stanford professor often acknowledged as the most influential educator researcher in the U.S.A, has written an extremely compelling article about the state of American education.  I urge all of you to read it (it is not a lengthy article), particularly before you vote on your next local school tax measure:

“What Teacher Strikes Are Really About.”

An excerpt follows:

“A nation that under-educates its children in the 21st century cannot long survive as a world power. Prisons — which now absorb more of our tax resources than public higher education did in the 1980s — are filled with high school dropouts and those with low levels of literacy. We pay three times more for each prisoner than we invest in each child’s education annually. With an aging population and only three workers for every person on Social Security, the United States especially needs all young people to be well-educated enough to gain good work in the complex and rapidly changing economy they are entering. Without their ability to pay the taxes that support the rest of society, the social contract will dissolve.”

“Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series” is now the Most Read article on EduIssues.com

Today, 3/21/2018, my article Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series became the most read article on my blog at over 1,040 views surpassing number two It’s AP ex(sc)am time again! currently at 1.020 views.  The CPM article is getting on average over 12 views per day from around the country.  It appears that parent groups are going to their local school boards and rebelling against this curriculum in multiple locations around the U.S.

Democracy is still alive in our country!

Ohio: Stephen Dyer and Bill Phillis Explain Why the State Wants to Take Over the State Board of Education

A couple of days ago I reblogged Diane Ravitch’s article highlighting how the California State Board of Education was taken over by charter proponents. Now here is an article about how Ohio’s School Board is under attack by politicians associated with an online learning company accused of fraud.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Stephen Dyer, a former legislator and currently a fellow at think tank Innovation Ohio, wonders why the state of Ohio is considering legislation to have the state dissolve the state board of education. He wonders if the move is payback for meddling with the fraudulent practices of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, which rewarded legislators for favoring ECOT and ignoring its inflated enrollments. Is it mere coincidence that five of the eight sponsors of the legislation received generous gifts from the owner of ECOT?

Be sure to read Dyer’s testimony to the legislature on HB 512 and why it should be dropped.

Bill Phillis, founder of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy, writes that HB 512 is an outrage and is unconstitutional.

“HB 512 is an affront to the Ohio Constitution-a change in governance of the State Education agency must be submitted to Ohioans on a statewide ballot


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