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(Click on any topic title below for all articles in that category in reverse chronological order – only the most recent or important articles are listed below)


Issues in Teaching Mathematics     

  1. Pros and Cons of the CPM Math Textbook Series
  2. IMPORTANT – Borel Middle School PTA meeting tonight, 9/18/17, at 7 on CPM math


AP Class Crisis

  1. It’s AP ex(sc)am time again!
  2. Important advice for students and parents regarding Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  3. A Hole in the Aragon Math Curriculum
  4. very unfortunate local test practice that I think is hurting students.
  5. How to Interest Kids in Science, Engineering, and Math.
  6. Confirmation from UC Berkeley on problems with AP classes


Teacher Salaries

  1. SMFCSD Budget and Measure Y Postmortem
  2. Large Turnover on SMFCSD Board in Face of Looming Cutbacks!!
  3. Financial Troubles in the SMFCSD


College Admissions

  1. How to get in to Harvard
  2. SAT Test Prep Recommendations


Education News

  1. Lawmakers try to ease California’s teacher shortage
  2. Back to School – Changes at Aragon HS
  3. Yet Another Case of Education Privatization Leading to Fraud
  4. A Critical Read for all of those Interested in Education
  5. “Strange Contagion” by Lee Daniel Kravetz


Measure Y

  1. No Last Minute Miracle for Measure Y
  2. Measure Y revenues will NOT be replaced by the state if the measure fails to pass!
  3. San Mateo / Foster City Mail-in Ballot Coming for Measure Y


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