Millbrae schools explore parcel tax for schools

Interesting article in today’s San Mateo Daily Journal.

I am continuing to hold behind-the-scenes meetings with local officials on a similar initiative for the San Mateo / Foster City elementary and middle school district to prevent loss of teachers and ensure that we can get the best new teachers for our kids.  One such meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, 11/16.

No one likes to pay higher taxes, though I note that statewide school initiatives fared well in the recent election.  I think people realize that the cost-of-living issue is reaching crisis levels here.

I believe that we need a comprehensive solution involving compromises by all parties: school districts, teacher unions, and the public.  We have been pursuing band-aids for too long.

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David Kristofferson



Author: David Kristofferson

Retired Ph.D. scientist, teacher (after retiring from industry, taught in private and public high schools and then worked a decade in my own private tutoring business), bioinformatician (managed both the NIH-funded GenBank National Nucleic Acid Sequence Databank and the BIONET National Computer Resource for Molecular Biology), IT director at Eos and Raven Biotechnologies, software product manager, AAAS Fellow, avid cyclist, and backpacker!

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