Large Turnover on SMFCSD Board in Face of Looming Cutbacks!!

Is the Board bailing when the going gets tough?

Today’s (6/8/2017) San Mateo Daily Journal has an article announcing that several members of the San Mateo Foster City School District Board are not seeking reelection this fall. ┬áThis unfortunately coincides with the possible need to make large budget reductions…


Author: David Kristofferson

Retired Ph.D. scientist, teacher (after retiring from industry, taught in private and public high schools and then worked a decade in my own private tutoring business), bioinformatician (managed both the NIH-funded GenBank National Nucleic Acid Sequence Databank and the BIONET National Computer Resource for Molecular Biology), IT director at Eos and Raven Biotechnologies, software product manager, AAAS Fellow, avid cyclist, and backpacker!

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