A *Substantial* Debate on Education Reform

A discussion of the reform efforts in DC public schools that actually has some substance instead of only fire and fury.

This morning, 11/17/2017, after following a circuitous path through biased and inflammatory articles on the World Wide Web, I ran across a blog post on reform efforts in the Washington, D.C. public schools and was so impressed by its balanced coverage that I had to call it to the attention of my readers.

WARNING – the blog article above summarizes an ongoing factional debate that has played out in The Washington Monthly.   This publication claims to be an independent voice, but I should note that it receives funding from various foundations that have a stake in the education reform debate.  The debates raging around standardized testing, incentive pay for teachers, etc., are so emotionally charged, one must always carefully consider the motives of publishers.

Please read the summary article first, but then, if you have any interest in this topic, I strongly encourage you to spend the time and read the Washington Monthly and other articles that are referenced therein.

It will be “educational!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Author: David Kristofferson

Retired Ph.D. scientist, teacher (after retiring from industry, taught in private and public high schools and then worked a decade in my own private tutoring business), bioinformatician (managed both the NIH-funded GenBank National Nucleic Acid Sequence Databank and the BIONET National Computer Resource for Molecular Biology), IT director at Eos and Raven Biotechnologies, software product manager, AAAS Fellow, avid cyclist, and backpacker!

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