Excellent article in “The Economist” on COVID-19 vaccines!

4/20/2020 – If you read only one thing today, this should be it:

Can the world find a good covid-19 vaccine quickly enough?

Note – The Economist requires a subscription for full access, but one can get a free account with access to five free articles per month. Personally, I find this magazine to be one of the most informative that I read regularly.

Despite the name, it covers news from all around the world, providing information most Americans will not encounter elsewhere, in addition to business/economics. Its coverage of science and technology is insightful (the above article is an excellent example), and it also reviews books and the arts.


Author: David Kristofferson

Retired scientist, teacher, bioinformatician, IT director, software product manager, AAAS Fellow, avid cyclist (7690 miles and 724,300 feet of climbing in 2015), backpacker, you name it! Current avocation is tutoring high school students near San Mateo, CA in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Please see the Bio link in the right sidebar for my detailed background information.

3 thoughts on “Excellent article in “The Economist” on COVID-19 vaccines!”

    1. Here are their terms. Personally, I think this is an excellent publication, and, if I were to only subscribe to one thing, this might be at the top of my list.

      “To register with The Economist and create your free account, complete our online form.

      Registration benefits

      Registered User benefits are as follows (i) 5 articles a month; (ii) selected special reports (we will alert you as to which report this is, and you also have the ability to download it) (iii) newsletters and (iv) any other Economist Content which The Economist determines shall be part of the benefits of being a Registered User from time to time.”


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