SMFCSD Board Votes to put Measure A Renewal on the Ballot

Here is the announcement from the San Mateo Foster City School District regarding their Board action last night (11/17/16).

It is essential that this measure pass so that the school system maintains its current funding levels.

This measure will NOT, however, lead to the kind of teacher salary increase that I am currently lobbying for, but it will at least prevent cuts that would make a bad cost-of-living situation for teachers even worse.

I have had important exchanges this week with the Superintendent and teachers in the district regarding increasing teacher salaries and will be posting news as soon as I get final approval of the text.

Millbrae schools explore parcel tax for schools

Interesting article in today’s San Mateo Daily Journal.

I am continuing to hold behind-the-scenes meetings with local officials on a similar initiative for the San Mateo / Foster City elementary and middle school district to prevent loss of teachers and ensure that we can get the best new teachers for our kids.  One such meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, 11/16.

No one likes to pay higher taxes, though I note that statewide school initiatives fared well in the recent election.  I think people realize that the cost-of-living issue is reaching crisis levels here.

I believe that we need a comprehensive solution involving compromises by all parties: school districts, teacher unions, and the public.  We have been pursuing band-aids for too long.

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David Kristofferson



Oklahoma voters may increase sales tax to give teachers a $5,000 raise.

From Education Week today:

According to a new poll, Oklahoma voters, by a wide margin, support a measure that would use a 1 percent sales tax increase to give the state’s teachers $5,000 raises.

According to a March 2015 study by the National Education Association, the state ranked 48th in terms of teacher pay during the 2013-14 school year. Since then, lawmakers in the other states that have hovered near the bottom of that ranking—MississippiSouth Dakota, and Idaho —have all passed bills to increase educators’ salaries. Whether Oklahoma teachers see raises will depend on the results of the November 8 ballot initiative on whether to institute the penny tax. ”


Into the Shark Tank…

Dangerously wading into the teacher evaluation controversy.

Earlier today on Diane Ravitch’s blog, she posted an alert that the State of Utah was going to base teacher pay on teaching evaluations, and that this would be a terrible idea.

Diane Ravitch is nationally known; she was initially in the Bush Administration, but later turned against the No Child Left Behind Act and has written extensively on its problems.  She also opposes the expansion of charter schools because they drain money away from public schools often in an unaccountable, possibly corrupt, fashion.  I agree with some, but not all, of her positions.

I may get my head handed to me on silver platter, but I submitted the following comment to the post.  The comment was in the moderation queue for a while but went live around 3 PM PDT.

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Raising Local Teacher Salaries (part 2)

San Mateo / Foster City School District salaries have not been competitive with nearby districts for years. This discussion (part two) is an attempt to understand and address this issue. This part contains a response from SMFCSD Superintendent Rosas.

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Raising Local Teacher Salaries (part 1)

San Mateo / Foster City School District salaries have not been competitive with nearby districts for years. This discussion (part one) is an attempt to understand and address this issue.

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